Plan review 2020: Evidence Base

This evidence base builds on the previous incarnation of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The evidence base for the previous Plan can be found here.


The referendum will be held on 6th May 2021 at the same time as the local elections. Click here for more information.

Regulation 19: Decision

Arun District Council has confirmed its acceptance of our Plan. You can read their statement and the final version of the Plan by clicking on the links below.

Reg 19 Decision statement- Walberton Review NDP 2021.pdf [pdf] 343KB

Walberton NDP Post Examination Plan.pdf [pdf] 10MB

Regulation 18: Examiner's Report

The Examiner's report can be read by clicking here.

Regulation 17: Submission and Examination

The submission documents including the representations received were sent to the Examiner and the Parish Council by 22nd January 2021.


Please see below a Clarification/Questions Note received on 8th February 2021 by the Examiner.  This has been issued to the Parish Council and District Council and is to be responded to by 15th February 2021. 

Walberton Examiner questions 7th Feb 2021.pdf [pdf] 913KB

The response is published below:

ADC response

ADC 01 WALBERTON NDP examination ADC answers February 2021.pdf [pdf] 194KB

ADC 02 Walberton_BUAB_Feb21.pdf [pdf] 1MB

WDC response

WPC 01 response to NDP examiners questions dated 7th February 2021.pdf [pdf] 195KB

WPC 02 response NDP reasons for including or excluding site 10 March 2020.pdf [pdf] 212KB

WPC 03 NP2021 Schedule 4 new LGS sites.pdf [pdf] 112KB

WPC 04 NP mtg with developers 07.06.19 redacted info-1.pdf [pdf] 21KB

WPC 05 response further question 9 Feb 2021.pdf [pdf] 203KB

WPC 06 sites HELAA copy.jpg

Regulation 16: Consultation

The consultation responses can be read by clicking below.

Regulation 15 plan submission

Regulation 14 Supporting Documents

(in alphabetical order)
AECOM reports
Arun District Council: Confirmation of Housing allocation
Basic Conditions Statement 2020
Built Up Area Boundary (BUAB)
  • Communication Engagement Strategy
  • Neighbourhood News:
  • Parish News articles:
Consultation statement
Ecological Data Search
Local Green Space Allocations - Large scale maps
Minutes of the meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Neighbourhood Plan Review of Public Rights of Way
Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire
Structures and buildings of character (see also Arun District Council's Supplementary Planning Document: Buildings or Structures of Character (2005) )

New policies

VE10: Biodiversity Corridors Biodiversity Report
VE11: Archaeology Archaeology report to the Steering Group
VE12: Flint Walls Flint Walls report to the Steering Group
Survey of Flint Walls in Walberton Parish
VE13: Distinctive Views and Vistas Views and Vistas Assessment Report

Open Day

18th July 2020

Following relaxation of lockdown, a new Open Day was held.

The displays were placed on public view at Walberton Pavilion for 6 weeks and the information was also provided online.

21st March 2020

The open day was cancelled due to COVID-19. 


Regulation 14 Consultation

Regulation 14 Plan submission
Regulation 14 Consultee list
Regulation 14 Responses

Neighbourhood Plan Group consideration of the Regulation 14 responses from