Vacancy for Clerk / Responsible Finance Officer (RFO)

Our Clerk is stepping down in June and we are inviting applications for the post.
Further information can be found in the following documents.

To apply, or if you have and questions, then please contact Andy Vawer (andyvawer@walberton-pc.gov.uk). The closing date for applications is 30th June but we reserve the right to shorten this in the event a suitable candidate is identified sooner.

The Parish of Walberton comprises three settlements - Walberton, Binsted and Fontwell - with around 895 dwellings and at the last count 1735 registered electors.

There are up to 9 Parish Councillors who between them share responsibilities for the Finance and Legal, General Purposes and Planning Committees as well as representing the Council on many other Committees from the Village Hall to District Council Committees.

Councillor Vacancy

Following the vacation of office by Councillor Smythe there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. Click here for the formal notice

The Parish Council welcomes members of the public to its meetings and encourages active participation during Public Questions.